Plastic Drums

New – made from High density polyethylene (HDPE), these plastic drums give you a worry-free package. No exterior dents, blemishes or interior linings to worry about. And best of all, they are fully recyclable.

Plastic Drums from 3RiversPkg allows Plastic Pails, Plastic containers, Industrial Containers, Industrial Packaging, Plastic containers, Plastic Packaging. Allow 3Riverspkg to take care of your multicolored plastic drum needs through amazing methods given to us by amazing people. Plastic Drums are the name of the game when it comes to Industrial Packaging, Industrial Containers and anything in between. The reconditioned drums that 3riverspkg has to offer is a great deal. 55 gallon drums with open and tight head designs that are FDA approved are great. One and two piece tight heads, straight sided open heads with various different colors that are available. They are UN approved and go through an ultra clean interior process that is Euro-designed to maximize shipping capacity in sea containers.


  • 15 – 55 gallon drums
  • Open and tight head designs
  • FDA approved
  • Buttress and NPT fittings
  • One and two piece tight heads
  • Straight sided open heads
  • Various colors available
  • UN approved
  • Ultra clean interior process
  • Euro-designed to maximize shipping capacity in sea containers

plastic drums
plastic drum
plastic drum


We also carry a full line of reconditioned 55 gallon plastic drums


  • 55 gallon drums
  • Open and tight head designs
  • Interior and exterior cleaned with high pressure caustic wash
  • Flame-treated exterior
  • Pressure tested for leaks

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