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Salvage Drums – Overpack Drums – Pittsburgh

We inventory Salvage Drums – Overpack Drums – Pittsburgh in 10 – 95 gallon sizes, in both plastic and steel.

Three Rivers Packaging Excels in making sure their customers are happy when they make their product. When one of their products malfunctions, or breaks, they are still there to save the day. With Overpack drums, you are able to salvage your old drums. What is an Overpack?
An Overpack is an enclosure used by a single consignee to provide protection or convenience in handling a package, or consolidate two or more packages.
An Overpack is used to contain a smaller non-leaking package. The integrity of the inner package has not been breached and the performance of the entire package still meets DOT requirements. The DOT does not view an Overpack as a Salvage Drum. Traditionally, many manufacturers have referred to Salvage Drums as “Overpacks.” So the industry has become more familiar with the term Overpack than Salvage Drum and believes that all Overpacks must be Salvage Drums. This is an incorrect assumption. Recently some manufacturers have been offering drums that look like Salvage Drums but refer to them as “Overpacks.” Unless your employees or buyers are very sophisticated on the differences between Overpacks and Salvage Drums under DOT regulations, they may unwittingly purchase these Overpacks believing they are buying drums they can use for Salvage Drum applications. If Overpacks that look like Salvage Drums cost less than Salvage Drums that could be the first tip that the Overpack may not meet the performance standard of a Salvage Drum.

These products are designed to contain damaged/leaking pails and drums.

We are available 24/7 for all of your emergency container requirements.

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