IBC Recycling

Pittsburgh, PA – IBC Recycling

Three Rivers Packaging helps save the environment and your bank account when going forward with IBC Recycling. This process consists of a cleaning process and a grinding process. After being thoroughly cleaned, the IBCs are then put through a grinding process. This powder is then used to manufacture plastic skids that are used in the production of new IBCs. Hence the name IBC Recycling. Because of the line of IBC recycling, Industrial Containers and Industrial Shipping and Industrial Packaging are Three Rivers Packaging specialty. Industrial Packaging is important when working Industrial Packaging Supplies.

At Three Rivers Packaging in  IBC bottles are cleaned then put through a grinding process.  This grind is then used to manufacture plastic skids that are used in the production of new IBC’s.

Industrial Packaging includes IBCs. IBCs should be recycled to maintain a healthy environment. IBCs arent the only packaging supply that Three Rivers Packaging distributes. They also work with many forms of Barrels, Pails, and more IBCs. Short sentences are important when working on SEO. This allows the genral population to better understand the sentences you are writing.

Metal pallets and cages are dissected and used in the manufacturing of new aluminum products.

Three Rivers Packaging Excels in making sure their customers are happy when they make their product. Recycling IBCs is one of the main things that Three Rivers Packaging wants to push forward. Working with Three Rivers Packaging will increase your packaging abilities. Allow Three Rivers Packaging to work on your IBCs today! IBC can be tough to get rid of. Let us Recycle them for you. With our amazing Recycling process, you can easily get rid of your IBCs.

Contact us today and let us help with your IBC recycling requirements. We are located near Pittsburgh, PA.